A Gift Guide For The Whiskey Lovers In Your Life

Whiskey glasses and cubes always make a great gift, pictured here.

The holiday season is coming up faster than we realize, and that means it’s time to start thinking about finding gifts. But what do you get for the whiskey lovers in your life? (Besides their favorite whiskey, of course!) 

Buying great and unique gifts for whiskey lovers can be difficult, even for seasoned sippers. You want to impress Uncle Steve and get your coworker something nice without breaking the bank. Well, the experts at Watertown Whiskey are here to be your whiskey Clauses. Keep reading for our guide to giving great whiskey gifts.

For The Whiskey Curious

Got a friend who’s expressed interest in getting into whiskey but hasn’t taken the plunge? A bottle of easy-drinking and approachable bourbon makes a fantastic gift. 

Pair it with a couple of Glencairn tasting glasses so they can nose and savor their whiskey properly. These nosing glasses really let you experience the aromas before each sip. You could also include whiskey stones or a large ice cube mold, so they can add just a touch of chill without watering down the bourbon.

For the Aspiring Aficionado

Up the ante with a more premium single barrel bourbon. Single barrel releases allow the distiller to hand select barrels with unique flavor profiles. The higher proof level, around 120, brings bolder and more intense flavors.

Include one large ice cube mold so they can add a touch of dilution and open up the flavors without watering it down too much. A whiskey journal also lets them keep tasting notes to track their burgeoning whiskey journey. Jotting down flavors and impressions is a great way to develop your palate.

For the Traveler

Know someone who loves traveling and whiskey? Gift them the ultimate whiskey trip — two tickets for the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. They can visit legendary distilleries like Maker’s Mark, Jim Beam, and more to see how America’s native spirit is made.

The Kentucky Bourbon Trail features over 50 distilleries in the state. Visitors can tour facilities, taste new releases straight from the barrel, and learn about bourbon history. It’s a bucket list trip for any whiskey fan.

For the Cocktail Enthusiast

Does your recipient like craft cocktails? A bottle of rye whiskey along with a cocktail recipe book makes for an inspired gift. Rye’s bold, peppery flavor profile adds complexity to drinks like Manhattans and Old Fashioneds, and their recipe book will allow them to get creative with their cocktails.

Round out the gift with unique syrups, bitters, or bar tools to take their mixology skills up a notch. Cherries, citrus peelers, jiggers, and muddlers make great extras.

For The One Who’s Tried It All

If your whiskey lover has tried it all and could use a new spin on their favorite beverage, then it’s time to introduce them to Watertown Whiskey. Watertown Whiskey is here to redefine the whiskey lover’s sipping experience. 

Indulge in a premium, locally-sourced aged whiskey masterfully infused with coconut to create an island flavor profile unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before. You can treat your friend or family member to a vacation right in their mouth! 

And (hint, hint) Watertown Whiskey, also has eye-catching merch, like hats, beanies, leather coozies, and leather coasters. 

For the Host with the Most

You can’t go wrong giving a whiskey tasting flight. Look for a sampler pack with a variety of styles — like bourbon, rye, single malt, etc. It allows recipients to journey through different flavors, aromas, and finishes.

Complete the gift with whiskey tasting cards, so they can take notes on each dream. Jotting down tasting impressions helps identify subtle differences between the whiskeys. Food pairings suggestions also provide guidance and can make a dinner party out of the experience.

For the Sentimental One

Several sippers enjoy keeping their corks for sentimental reasons. There are plenty of stylish ways to display them. A great idea for the whiskey sipper in your life is a decoration that doubles as cork storage. There are lots of great options out there that will allow them to see the good times they’ve had throughout the years.

Bottom Line

Whatever your price range or recipient, we hope these whiskey gift ideas inspire you this holiday season. Find something special that matches their interest level — from introductory bourbons to premium tasting flights. 

And for the whiskey lover who has everything, try an innovative new flavor like coconut-infused Watertown Whiskey for an unexpected twist. With this guide, you’re sure to pick the perfect gift to delight the whiskey enthusiast in your life. The gift of great taste is one they’ll appreciate all year long.


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