Coconut Whiskey’s Perfect Partner: Enhance Your Beachside Bites

A rocks glass filled with Watertown Coconut Whiskey over ice, garnished

The Ultimate Tropical Upgrade for Your Beachside Bites You’ve fired up the grill and prepared the perfect spread of beachside noshes. From coconut shrimp skewers to grilled mahi mahi with mango salsa, you and your beach bums are ready to go ham on those oceanfront flavors. But here’s the truth: as delicious as that spread […]

Breaking Traditions: Mixing Up a Storm with Watertown Whiskey’s Coconut Whiskey

Coconut Watertown Whiskey on top of the table

Escape the ordinary and dive into a tropical vacation – all without ever leaving your home, thanks to Watertown Whiskey’s Coconut Whiskey. This All-American twist on a much-loved classic is your ticket to a flavorful adventure, breaking traditions and exciting tastebuds from ocean to shining ocean. Like a Vacation in a Bottle As you pop […]

Five Things You May Not Know About Flavored Whiskey

Pouring coconut whiskey cocktail

Flavored whiskeys are the hidden gems of the whiskey world. They may not be what you first think about when you think of whiskey, but once you’ve tried them, you’ll be hooked. Their diverse, adventurous, and incredible variety makes them one of fastest growing alcoholic drinks available today. There are so many options—including tasty coconut […]

Simple Whiskey Cocktails to Enjoy this Holiday Season

Simple whiskey cocktails for the holiday season

The year is coming to an end, and that means the holiday season is here. No matter what or when you celebrate, one of the best parts of the holidays is enjoying seasonal cocktails. They’re great for serving at festive gatherings, setting the mood at home, or just sipping on the weekend after a busy […]

How to Find Your Unique Whiskey Style

One of the world’s greatest liquors – whiskey – has been enjoyed by millions of people for centuries. You, too, can join the ranks of Frank Sinatra, Mark Twain, Sir Winston Churchill, George Bernard Shaw, and David Beckham via the common thread of this remarkably smooth, tasteful, rich, and full-bodied liquor.  One of the most […]

A Gift Guide For The Whiskey Lovers In Your Life

Whiskey glasses and cubes always make a great gift, pictured here.

The holiday season is coming up faster than we realize, and that means it’s time to start thinking about finding gifts. But what do you get for the whiskey lovers in your life? (Besides their favorite whiskey, of course!)  Buying great and unique gifts for whiskey lovers can be difficult, even for seasoned sippers. You […]

Cocktail Culture 2.0

The tropics and cocktails have had a long and storied love affair. Rum’s popularity in the West Indies dates back to 1650. We’re talking seriously old! But it wasn’t until the 20th century when “exotics” exploded on the scene in the 1930s when the first tiki bar opened in Hollywood, California. Tropical cocktails reigned supreme […]

The Making of a New American Classic

Young, affluent revelers at an outdoor party raising their glasses in celebration.

How is a groundbreaking, mouthwatering, new take on an old spirit born? Read on! Whiskey has seen a massive surge in popularity in recent years. In fact, according to Forbes magazine, the number of whiskey cases sold in the United States has increased every single year since 2010, and in the world of alcoholic beverages, […]

Get Creative with Your Cocktails: Watertown Whiskey’s Coconut-Infused Recipes

Old fashioned cocktail - whiskey drink, gentleman’s beverage

Summer is finally here, and it’s time to bring out your inner mixologist and let Watertown Whiskey’s coconut whiskey offer you a new twist on and old favorite. From pool parties to bonfire nights, Watertown Whiskey’s coconut whiskey is the perfect way to make your drinks more hydrating and refreshing than ever. Whether you’re looking […]

Your Ultimate Guide to Coconut Whiskey

Old fashioned cocktail - whiskey drink, gentleman’s beverage

When it comes to alcohol, there are always new tastes and offerings on the horizon. It’s a world of endless experimentation and adventure. This is where coconut whiskey enters the picture, a trend on the rise in the cocktail community. When you sip on coconut-infused whiskey or coconut-whiskey mixed cocktails, it’s like diving into tropical […]

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